Silver Tungsten Properties

silver tungsten Picture

Silver tungsten is characterized by their high strength and their resistance to welding or sticking. They are principally made by infiltration and the nominal silver content varies from 20-50%. By increasing the amount of tungsten, the hardness and welding is reduced.Silver and tungsten can not miscible whether in liquid or solid state. The materials are characterized by high hardness, resistance to arc erosion, anti-adhesion and anti-welding ability.

The method of silver tungsten's preparation is powder metallurgy. Greater than 60% tungsten alloy multi-soaked production. For low-voltage power switch, lifting switch, switch locomotives, high-current switching of pre-contact, and heavy-duty relay, air circuit breakers, etc Plus cobalt can improve the wet ability of silver on tungsten to reduce contact resistance.

Different silver tungsten have different properties, such as AgW50 not only has good conductivity and good processing property, but also has the characteristics of high melting point, great hardness, and good arc erosion resistance, welding resistance, and low material transfer. The biggest characteristic of silver tungsten is its strong resistance against big current arc.