silver tungsten contact

silver tungsten contact Picture

The silver tungsten soldering materials combine the silver with the property of high electrical and therm. conductibility together with the tungsten of high melting point, hardness, welding resistance, little movement of the materials and high burning endurance. Silver tungsten contact will produce mixed oxide on the surface of the contact, when they frequently make-break under the operating current, thus the surface film to increase the contact resistance comes out.

Silver tungsten has excellent in arc resistant erosion, anti-welding and electric conductivity.Silver tungsten contact materials are produced by an improved infiltration technique and powder metallurgical method. There are silver enticed at base for facilitate brazing.

As mentioned above, silver tungsten materials are used for electrical contacts. Typically silver tungsten contact is used in heavy duty devices subject to high currents. The presence of the refractory material tungsten reduces the chances of welding and improves resistance to arc erosion. Optimal compositions are found by balancing conductivity and non-welding properties.

Silver tungsten contactis also suitable for pulse welding method and touching bridge connection, widely used in micro switches, thermostat, keys and breakers protector.