Silver Tungsten Pin

Silver Tungsten Pin Picture

Silver tungsten pin is pin made of the materials tungsten and silver. Since it is made of tungsten, silver tungsten pin owns the properties of high melting point, high corrosion resistance, tensile strength and low coefficient of thermal expansion. When added steel or other element, its hard ability would be improved.

The surface condition of silver tungsten pin is smooth and bright. Moreover, no stain, dirt, oxides, drawing tracks, scratches and damages are admitted on the surface of silver tungsten pin.

Silver tungsten pin is widely used as vise, electrodes, microsurgical and fishing sinker. The commercial uses of tungsten fall into two categories: those that exploit its high strength at high temperatures and those that exploit its density. Combined with the applications, it clearly shows that silver tungsten pin not only exploits tungsten's high strength in high temperature, also exploits tungsten's density.

Silver tungsten pin is also mainly used for electrode of various lamps, such as sodium lamp, halogen lamp and metal halide lamps
1) Dia. 0.95 x 5.0mm
2) Dia. 0.80 x 3.25mm
3) Dia. 0.75 x 5.0mm
4) Dia. 0.50 x 3.1mm