Silver Tungsten

Silver Tungsten Picture

Silver tungsten is a kind of pseudo-alloy composed by silver and tungsten. Silver tungsten is metal matrix composites. Because of the high melting point of tungsten it can not melt with silver. Instead of traditional method of preparation, the method of silver tungsten's preparation is powder metallurgy.

Silver tungsten production processes include mixing of ingredients, pressing, sintering melting infiltration and cold process. Silver tungsten combines the advantages of the metal tungsten and silver , which tungsten have high melting point (tungsten melting point of 3410 ° C) and large density (tungsten density 19.34g/cm3),silvers have superior  conductivity .Silver tungsten (ingredient scope WCu7 ~ WCu50) uniform microstructure, high temperature, high strength, and large density.

Silver tungsten is also characterized by their high strength and their resistance to welding or sticking. They are principally made by infiltration and the nominal silver content varies from 20-50%. By increasing the amount of tungsten, the hardness and welding is reduced. This composite group of alloys is specially preferred for use in air.

Silver tungsten materials are used in industrial and domestic circuit breaker applications where good weld and erosion resistance is important. Various grades are available: - the higher silver grades have higher conductivity, and the higher tungsten grades have greater erosion and weld resistance.